Iron Lore Entertainment - Titan Quest - 2006

Ensemble Studios - Age of Empires III - 2004

Contract Work:
A sampling of work created for various contracts
Soldak Entertainment - 2006
Guild Wars NightFall - 2006
Brom's the Plucker Demo - 2005
Vicious Engine Demo - 2005
Stacked (coming soon) - 2004
Ghost Recon 2 Cenimatics (Head textures only) - 2004
Pariah - 2004
Savage - 2003
Ultima Online X - 2002

Studio 3 (contract) - 2002
These characters were created for an XBox game that was being developed for Studio 3. All models and textures were created by myself except for the Ninja model that was created by Jay Hosfelt.

Ritual Entertainment - EF2 2002
While at Ritual I worked on 2 titles, Elite Force 2 was the only one that made it to the shelf. I did modeling, texturing and concepting. This is just a small portion of the work I did.

Radica Games Skannerz - 1999
These are some character designs that went on to be used as package art.

Here you’ll find a body of my personal work. These pieces are all done for fun. A common theme in my personal work is the mixture of historical themes with other genres such as horror, Sci-Fi, nature, fantasy etc…

Personal Art 1998 - 2006
e: the Bunker wallpaper includes textures by the talented Dark Horizon and Qubism

2D Art
Note: the Mobsta image is published in EXPOSÉ 2

Misc 3d models

Work in progress and Archive
For a huge dump of stuff that will never get done check out my WIP director. Oh, and if you’d like to see where I’ve come from over the years check out my Archive folder for a few laughs :) SUPER OLD WORK!

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